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jstaite_daily's Journal

Jewel Staite
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Daily posts of everything Jewel Staite

Welcome to jstaite_daily.
This is a daily posting community for all things Jewel Staite.

1. Don't hotlink. Use Photobucket or ImageShack.
2. Feel free to post any icons, fanart, or picspams you've made here, but if you're posting a picture larger than 500px wide please be sure to use a lj-cut or thumbnail. When posting icons you may post up to 4 teasers with the rest under a cut or with a link to your journal entry.
3. When posting icons, fanart, fanvids, news, please try to label them accordingly. I can fix any tags if you're not sure.
4. Don't hesitate to comment and talk to others as much as you like, but please be respectful of others.
5. If your post has any spoilers for Jewel's future work, please use a lj cut and warning until 2 weeks after its release.

If you've ever met Jewel and would like to share feel free to make a post and tell us about it.

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